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“Burdon, 55, is widely regarded as Akron’s premier criminal-defense lawyer. He lands more front-page cases in one year than most attorneys do in a lifetime. And it’s been that way for more than 20 years. ” – Bob Dyer, Akron Beacon Journal more…

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Akron Attorney, Akron criminal defense attorney, has defended more notorious cases in the Northeast Ohio area than any other defense attorney. He has tried over one hundred forty cases to juries and represented over twenty manslaughter defendants.

  • State V. Mitchell Ruble. “Provided defense in highly publicized Marietta trial wherein defendant charged with the murder of the Chief Deputy of Washington County in a 35 year old ‘cold case’ prosecution.”
  • State v. Chris Heben. Defendant, a Navy Seal Veteran was charged with offenses related to a shooting incident in the parking lot of the Mustard Seed Restaurant. Acquitted of all charges following a highly publicized jury trial. (2015)
  • State v. Richard Beasley. Provided the trial of defense for the so-called “Craig’s List Killer”. (2014)
  • USA v. Compton, et al. Defended multiple defendants in a federal mortgage fraud scheme involving millions of dollars, none of whom served one day of confinement. (2013)
  • State v. Mills. Defendant charged with rape of a child carrying a potential penalty of life. Found guilty of a non-sexual offense and placed on direct probation. (2013)
  • State v. Barbas. Defendant charged with a felony offense of failure to register as a sexual offender. Case dismissed. (2013)
  • USA v. Dr. Calvin Brown, charged with Trafficiking Prescription Drugs carrying a mandatory 20 year prison term, plead guilty to a simple Medicaid Fraud and received a penalty of home detention. (2011).
  • State v. Eddie Loewen, Florida soccer coach charged with Domestic Violence of his minor sone during a visitation exchange with mother at the Stow, Ohio Police Department. Acquitted following trial. (2011).
  • State v. Jared Head, Professional baseball player within Cleveland Indians system. Charged with a felony assault. Plead no contest to a minor misdemeanor of disorderly conduct (2010).
  • State v. Joh Doe, an attorney indicted for multiple felonies including Kidnapping and Felonious Assault. Found guilty of two misdemeanor (2010).
  • USA v. Malcolm Sales, California pilot acquitted by a federal jury of Trafficking in 30 lbs. of cocaine found during a search of his aircraft as it landed at Kent State University Airport following a private charter flight from Compton, California (2009).
  • State v. Don Michel, indicted for 17 gambling counts including RICO and Money Laundering. All counts were dismissed followng a successful defense motion for “selective prosecution.” (2008).
  • State v. Megan Brown, charged with murder and robbery in a shooting death arising from the forced entry into the victim’s home. The murder charge was dismissed (2007).
  • State v. Richard Haught, a youth baseball coach charged in a death arising out of a post-game dispute, acquitted by a jury of the homicide (2006).
  • State v. Jacob Carlson, charged with murder in the shooting death of his brother-in-law, an Akron Police Detective. Dismissed (2006).
  • State v. Molly Wagner, an Akron University student indicted for Aggravated Vehicular Homicide in the death of her passenger. Following successful efforts to suppress evidence of blood test results and the granting of probation, a local newspaper reported that “first time in recent history that anyone convicted in Summit County of aggravated vehicular homicide received probation” rather than 2-8 years.
  • State v. Knippenberg, indicted for the murder of his wife, state reduced the charges to involuntary manslaughter, in the face of “battered spouse syndrome” defense, and placed the client on probation (2005).
  • State v. Paul Stanley, state dismissed capital murder indictment of parents charged with the arson of their home to kill with purpose their 13 month old son (2003).
  • State v. Davis Corsi, state dismissed indictment of daycare operator indicted for voyeurism of the children in his care.
  • State v. Steven Boszik, broadcast by Court TV.
  • State v. Joseph M. Platt, Platt was accused in the shooting death of Michael Swartz
  • State v. Frank Stams, a pro football player, was accused of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. The drug charges were dropped.
  • State v. Portage County Prosecutor, David Norris, accused of cocaine possession.
  • State v. Robert Krutz, the former CEO of Robinson Memorial Hospital, accused of misspending $14,900 in hospital funds for personal opportunities. Krutz was acquitted of all 41 counts of theft.
  • State v. Karen Grubb, believed to be the first successful defense of a murder defendant, in the State of Ohio, where the jury acquitted on “battered wife syndrome.”
  • State v. Edwin R. “Pete” Ritchey, a Kent state University pharmacist, accused of filing a prescription that was not written by a physician. Ritchey was acquitted.
  • State v. Ed Swiger, a Temple University law student, charged with the murder of Roger “Butch” Pratt.
  • State v. Lucille Stanley, the wife of a Kent State University police officer, accused of murdering her husband’s lover. Stanley was acquitted.
  • State v. John Boston, 46 Ohio St.3d 108 Supreme Court of Ohio, limited the right of the state to present expert testimony regarding the truthfulness of an alleged child sexual abuse victim.
  • State v. B. Carl Conley, an Akron lawyer charged with three counts of rape was acquitted.
  • State v. Robert Buell, 22 Ohio St.3d 124 Supreme Court of Ohio, approved the introduction of expert testimony on the reliability of eyewitness identifications.
  • State v. Judge James Barbuto, covered by National Television News Magazine 20-20.
  • State v. Frank Sperrow, acquitted of capital murder charge that he killed an Akron Police Officer.
  • State v. Josie McCowin, acquitted an employee of the Summit County Clerk of Courts accused of taking money.
  • State v. Larry L. Favors, accused in the aggravated murder and shooting death of Timothy J. Murphy, a former roommate of Favors’ in Kent. When Favors’ body was found, he had been beaten and shot eight times. Favors was found innocent of the crime.
  • State v. Patrick Conley, an Akron Police Officer acquitted of first degree manslaughter. James L. Fears had died while in a County Jail cell, after being struck by Conley, while Fears was intoxicated. Conley was found innocent.

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