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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Own Garlic

Have you been wanting to grow your own garlic but don’t know how to start? It may seem difficult, but garlic is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Below is your ultimate guide to all you need to know about how to grow garlic just like dragon breath near me.

What Type of Garlic Should I Grow?

Softneck Garlic

Softneck garlic is the best for mass production because each bulb contains several cloves and has a shelf life of 9 to 12 months. This type of garlic is typically what you would find at the grocery store.

Softnecks grow best in warmer climates because they are not as cold-hardy as hardneck garlic. Softneck garlic is also the easiest type of garlic to grow.

Hardneck Garlic

Hardneck garlic comes in several varieties and complex flavors, while softnecks have a more mild flavor. Each variety has its own distinct flavor that reflects where they were cultivated. Purple stripe are gentle, Porcelains have a musky taste, and Rocamboles have a hot and spicy flavor.

Hardneck garlic has a shorter shelf life than softneck garlic, lasting about 4 to 6 months after harvest.

Hardneck garlic grows best in colder climates because they are able to resist injury in low temperatures.

Buying Garlic for Growing

Dragon Breath Near Me - Garlic BulbsAfter making your hardneck vs. softneck decision, it is time to purchase your garlic. When buying garlic to plant, it is best to buy it from a local garlic farm or a quality online source. Garlic sold in supermarkets is not the best to grow because they are sprayed with harmful chemicals.

Here is a little tip! It is best to buy multiple varieties of garlic because some may not grow as well as expected. Growing different varieties of garlic will allow you to find what grows the best in your garden.

Keep in mind that no matter what kind of garlic you buy, the planting and harvesting process is the same for both types.

When Should I Plant My Garlic?

The optimum time to plant garlic is in the fall, before the weather gets too cold. What zone you live in will depend on what month is best to plant your garlic.

Can garlic be planted in the spring? Yes, but it isn’t ideal. Most varieties need a cold period for good development.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Garlic Grower like Dragon Breath Near Me

Step 1: Preparing Your Soil and Garlic

Garlic needs soil that gets sun, is well-drained, and fertilized. To fertilize the soil, use rich compost such as bone meal or blood meal.

To prepare the garlic for planting, you need to open the heads to separate each clove.

Step 2: Planting the Garlic

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Plant each clove individually with the pointy side facing up about 3 inches deep and 6 inches apart. Cover the clove with soil and water.

Garlic does not need a lot of space to grow. If you do not have a garden, it can easily be planted in a 9 cm container!

Step 3: Mulching your garlic bed

Mulch the garlic beds with about 6 inches of straw or shredded leaves. This minimizes weed growth and keeps the garlic nice and toasty.

Step 4: Harvesting the Garlic

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When the leaves start to turn brown, your garlic is ready to be harvested. This will occur between June and August. Before you harvest your garlic, the soil should be dry. So, stop watering your garlic about a week before harvest.

Harvesting your vegetables is a simple process! Gently tug on your garlic just enough so they easily slide out of the ground.

Step 5: Curing your garlic

Curing is a process that dries your garlic before storage.

Lay the garlic plants out one by one on an elevated surface like a drying rack in a well-ventilated area. But not in direct sunlight! This can be under a tree, on a covered porch, or in a garage.

For the best results, do not pile your garlic on top of each other, do not put them in direct sunlight, do not wash your garlic, and do not remove any of the leaves or roots.

After about 2 weeks to a month, the drying process is done. You will know when the curing process is done when the roots are shriveled and stiff and the leaves are 100% dry and brown.

Step 5: Storing your garlic

Now it is time to clean up your garlic! Remove the leaves and roots but cutting them off with scissors.

Keep your garlic in a container such as a cardboard box, a mesh bag, or a woven basket. Store your garlic in a cool, dark area like an empty cupboard or basement.

Step 6: Eating your garlic

Now it is time to enjoy your homegrown garlic! Enjoy the variety of tastes your homegrown garlic will bring to your dishes. If you are having trouble finding new recipes to use your homegrown garlic, there are numerous garlic recipes online.

Buying Homegrown Garlic | Dragon Breath Near Me

Have you decided you do not want to grow your own garlic but don’t want to buy garlic from your local supermarket? You can buy homegrown garlic from local garlic farms.

These garlic farms do not use any chemicals and use sustainable farming practices to grow the highest grade garlic. To get gourmet garlic from dragon breath near me, contact Dragon Breath today.