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Why Hire DUI Lawyer Ohio Law To Represent Your Case 

BEST DUI lawyer Akron Cleveland Ohio

If you or a loved one are facing serious charges involving drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you want the best DUI lawyer establishing the strongest defense for you or your loved one. Time is crucial when it comes to DUI or OVI charges. 

A DUI is a serious offense with life-impacting consequences. Jail time, fines, license suspension, loss of housing and/or schooling, and employment, and insurance issues such as increased rates and dismissal of coverage all can hinder the direction you or your loved one’s life was heading before the charge. 

Maxwell Hiltner is an Akron DUI defense lawyer with unparalleled knowledge of Ohio DUI law as well as both state and federal courts. His experience and knowledge provide him with the tools to give his clients the best possible outcome for their unique cases. Furthermore, Hiltner Law has seen success in receiving minimal sentences in cases with unfavorable evidence.

The best DUI/OVI lawyers of Hiltner Law can mean the difference between a minor disruption and years of regret. Legal action against you is intimidating and even first-time offenders can face severe penalties and other punishments. Hire with confidence, the days and weeks ahead are sure to be challenging, but they can be easier than you think with our team by your side while preparing a comprehensive strategy to minimize the charges against you or your family. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding DUI / OUI – Drunk Driving Offense

BEST DUI lawyer Akron Cleveland OhioWhat is DUI or OUI? When do you need a DUI lawyer?

DUI is shorthand for “Driving Under the Influence.” It is also known as OVI which stands for “Operating a Vehicle While Under the Influence.” A person is guilty of OVI if he or she operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or any chemical or controlled substance to the extent that his or her mental faculties are impaired or when the operator’s blood alcohol level (BAC) exceeds .08 percent.  If facing a breathalyzer test, immediately contact Akron Attorney, Ohio DUI lawyer.

Breathalyzer, Blood, Urine & Sobriety Tests

One of the most frequently asked questions is do I have to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test? The answer is no you don’t, but refusal to submit to a test upon the request of a law enforcement officer is admissible in any criminal proceeding against you as evidence of your consciousness of guilt and may result in a one (1) year driving suspension.

DUI / OVI Penalties

The penalties for DUI are severe. Possible punishment depends on the level of your BAC and the number of DUI convictions you have had within the past six (6) years. The following chart outlines the penalties for DUI.

No. of Offenses
in 6 Years
Possible Jail
Mandatory Jail
Driving Privileges
1st 6 months 3 days $375 – $1,075 6 months to 3 years 15 days Optional
2nd 6 months 10 days $525 – $1,625 1 to 5 years 45 days Required
3rd up to 1 year 30 days $850 – $2,750 2 to 10 years 180 days Required
4th Offense
or more

BEST DUI lawyer OhioYour license will be immediately suspended if you refuse to take a breath, blood or urine test upon request. If you agree to take the test, your license will be immediately suspended if you have an alcohol level of .08 or greater or .02 if you are at least 18 but less than 21 years old. Penalties are more severe, even if it is your first offense, if your alcohol level is .18 or higher.

Furthermore, your insurance company may discontinue your coverage or at the very least assign you to a high risk category resulting in a substantial increase in your premiums. In addition to the penalties listed above, the law provides for immobilization or seizure of your vehicle after multiple convictions of DUI.  If you’re facing DUI charges, contact Ohio DUI attorney, Akron Attorney, immediately.

Can I fight my DUI arrest?

Akron Attorney, DUI lawyer, Akron, Ohio has a comprehensive understanding of Ohio DUI law and an intimate knowledge of the courts and the legal system, results in the best possible outcome for his clients. He is successful in obtaining acquittals and reduced charges at and before trial. Even with cases involving unfavorable evidence, Akron Attorney has been successful in obtaining a minimum sentence.

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